9th day in quarantine

Three last days have been hectic at the work. 12-14 hours in front of my laptop and speaking on the phone. Luckily things start to settle a bit.

Today I even had some empty slots in my calendar and time to go through my backlog. Reading emails among other things.

Kids are trying to get back to rhythm with school. There’s a big difference between 9 and 14 year old kids – at least in terms of workload. 9 year old was done with all the task in an hour and 14 year old worked all day. Best home work for the 9 year old was: clean your closet! And he did it 🙂

We are not running out of food yet, but still we needed some refill. Specially for the fresh stuff, like salad etc. Luckily my twin brother Kimmo was able to do the shopping for us. Thanks for help!

Local stores are wramping up their home delivery operations. And that is excellent news!

Since we are not able to shop at the local Market Hall (which is my favourite place to shop normally), I was super happy to hear that Herkkunuotta (fish shop) were able to deliver to our home. We ordered fresh shrimps, salmon for sushi, mousse made out of white fish roe and archipelagian bread. Today was a fish day!


Also my favourite Gelateria (Italian icecream shop) Nuvole started deliveries today and Angelo brought us some kilos of his specialties. Cioccolato, Fragola, Vaniglia and Stracciatella!

Around 17.00, as I was about done with all my meetings, I made a mistake and laid down on my bed to check emails.

I woke two hours later… lack of sleep during the last few days, maybe!

As I walked downstairs, I found the rest of the family gathering for the dinner. They prepared the best sushi dinner one could imagine! And for the dessert: Italian icecream.

Dinner. Home made sushi.
Gelato di Nuvole

I called it a day with some sauna and a video call to my mother.

Not a bad day in quarantine at all 🙂


8th day in quarantine – surprise by Kaskis!

What a day!

Yesterday I wrote (in Finnish) about the situation in restaurant business (and hospitality business in general). Situation is really bad. I try to encourage everybody to use local services as much as possible!

I talked with my friend Erik from a local restaurant (one of the best ones!) and I mentioned in a blog later that I promise to eat seven days in a row in Restaurant Kaskis and Kakolanruusu if I just could taste their signature dish, Kalaympyrä (special fish plate).

They took it seriously and today, as I was having my online meetings, my son run to my ”office” and told that some men came to our terrace.

And what did I find??

Näyttökuva 2020-3-18 kello 22.09.55

I made a Facebook live about the guys cooking. Check it out here!

Erik and Topi where there, outside in the rain and making those dishes to us! They made five plates and served a perfect glass of Riesling with it (kids got grape juice).

What a surprise! This is the spirit we need in this crisis. Never give up!

I am prepared to take care of my part of the challenge. As soon as I get out, I’ll take my family five days in a row to their restaurants. Can’t wait it!!

One week to go… take care, keep the social distance and BUY EVERYTHING  you can from your local entrepreneurs!


7th day in quarantine

Week has passed by, really quickly, to be honest.

Stop working and hug me!

I have not had time to:

  • watch Netflix
  • listen to audio books
  • clean the carage

…or for any other thing that I thought I would be doing. Work days have been really intensive. Today I was in front of my laptop basically all day from 8.30 until 23.00. This is a funny situation, because finally my family sees what I do for living. Their perception:

”You keep on speaking on the phone and telling the same thing to everybody.”

Yes, my daughters perception is pretty right. Management is communication and it is repeating the same thing over and over again. As you get bored to the topic, then you might have a chance that others heard you.

Our work with my management team is true crisis management at the moment. Market around us changes everyday. Today we got a new law, borders will be closed, events or gatherings for more than 10 people are not allowed and more restrictions will come. Year ago we were able to predict pretty well 6-12 months ahead. Now 12 hours seems optimistic. This is crazy.

Highlight of the day was the food delivery. Now we have some good stuff for days to come. We have been eating very well during the quarantine, thanks to my 14-year old daughter, who is a true Junior Chef. I’ll post some pictures of her cooking at the end of this post. She’s great!

Today I gave only one interview, but it was a half an hour talk to a TV Show called Elixir. Should be coming out some day soon. I just came from the sauna and then the interview started on Facetime. I was red and sweating. A true corona patient.

We also got clarification for the duration of the quarantine: it’s full 14 days. Well, that’s fine, since now we have some great ingredients for cooking and kids will start school (online) also tomorrow. That’ll bring some rhythm for their days as well.

Health? Today I had some cough, but my kids said it’s because I talk 10 hours a day… Otherwise we are fine.

I had some chat about the situation ”out there” in local restaurant business and it is not looking good. It’s a full stop to many businesses right now. I promise, as soon as I am out, I’ll start to organize #coronasurvivor dinners in the local restaurants! Can’t wait to start!

Stay strong! Take care and #FightBack – as my friend Pekka Hyysalo would say…