9th day in quarantine

Three last days have been hectic at the work. 12-14 hours in front of my laptop and speaking on the phone. Luckily things start to settle a bit.

Today I even had some empty slots in my calendar and time to go through my backlog. Reading emails among other things.

Kids are trying to get back to rhythm with school. There’s a big difference between 9 and 14 year old kids – at least in terms of workload. 9 year old was done with all the task in an hour and 14 year old worked all day. Best home work for the 9 year old was: clean your closet! And he did it 🙂

We are not running out of food yet, but still we needed some refill. Specially for the fresh stuff, like salad etc. Luckily my twin brother Kimmo was able to do the shopping for us. Thanks for help!

Local stores are wramping up their home delivery operations. And that is excellent news!

Since we are not able to shop at the local Market Hall (which is my favourite place to shop normally), I was super happy to hear that Herkkunuotta (fish shop) were able to deliver to our home. We ordered fresh shrimps, salmon for sushi, mousse made out of white fish roe and archipelagian bread. Today was a fish day!


Also my favourite Gelateria (Italian icecream shop) Nuvole started deliveries today and Angelo brought us some kilos of his specialties. Cioccolato, Fragola, Vaniglia and Stracciatella!

Around 17.00, as I was about done with all my meetings, I made a mistake and laid down on my bed to check emails.

I woke two hours later… lack of sleep during the last few days, maybe!

As I walked downstairs, I found the rest of the family gathering for the dinner. They prepared the best sushi dinner one could imagine! And for the dessert: Italian icecream.

Dinner. Home made sushi.
Gelato di Nuvole

I called it a day with some sauna and a video call to my mother.

Not a bad day in quarantine at all 🙂


Yksi kommentti artikkeliin ”9th day in quarantine

  1. Jännityksellä seuraan blogiasi ja perheenne vointia. Toivottavasti kaikki päättyy hyvin!

    Vaikka alati muuttuvan tiedon valossa tällä hetkellä näyttää siltä, että koirat eivät sairastu korona-virukseen, virus voinee kuitenkin säilyä niiden turkissa – aivan samoin kuin ihmisen hiuksissa. Toivottavasti ”ruokalähettinne” ymmärsi tämän, ja pesi tai desinfioi kätensä hyvin koiran rapsuttelun jälkeen?


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