8th day in quarantine – surprise by Kaskis!

What a day!

Yesterday I wrote (in Finnish) about the situation in restaurant business (and hospitality business in general). Situation is really bad. I try to encourage everybody to use local services as much as possible!

I talked with my friend Erik from a local restaurant (one of the best ones!) and I mentioned in a blog later that I promise to eat seven days in a row in Restaurant Kaskis and Kakolanruusu if I just could taste their signature dish, Kalaympyrä (special fish plate).

They took it seriously and today, as I was having my online meetings, my son run to my ”office” and told that some men came to our terrace.

And what did I find??

Näyttökuva 2020-3-18 kello 22.09.55

I made a Facebook live about the guys cooking. Check it out here!

Erik and Topi where there, outside in the rain and making those dishes to us! They made five plates and served a perfect glass of Riesling with it (kids got grape juice).

What a surprise! This is the spirit we need in this crisis. Never give up!

I am prepared to take care of my part of the challenge. As soon as I get out, I’ll take my family five days in a row to their restaurants. Can’t wait it!!

One week to go… take care, keep the social distance and BUY EVERYTHING  you can from your local entrepreneurs!



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