Day 10 and 11 in quarantine

First things first: we are healthy and doing fine. This is the most important thing.

Weekend has been actually pretty relaxing after a hectic week. Cutting some fallen trees (wet and windy winter has been bad for our trees), washing the car (we learned in Switzerland that car should be washed every Sunday and I’ve been trying to hold on to that. Also now, although our car has not moved a single meter since ten days…) and watching the kids play outside. And sauna of course. Every night!

We decided that summer is coming and also carried all the outdoor furniture to our terrace. I hope it’s not snowing anytime soon!

We also made some pizza in the Weber barbeque.

While we were watching the news, we spotted a familiar guy: my father in law. Their drug, Traumakine, could save lives during the corona virus, but it’s still in research phase and now we hope for ”fast track” in getting a permit to be used in worst cases. It would help many people! Somebody even started a petition to speed up the process. You can help by signing it (in Finnish) here:

One of the highlights were this song that I received from my friend and colleague Maria Saaristo (aka. Corona Records). She wrote and recorded a corona themed song (in Finnish.) I find it hilarious! Listen it below:

Tomorrow we have only three days to go with this isolation. On Thursday morning we should be ”free.” Let’s see what that means by then. Noting surprises me anymore.

Have a great, or as great as you can make it in this situation, week!



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