Last days in quarantine (23.-25.3.2020)

I’ve been too busy to write here daily. Things are happening quite quickly in the society and the work. We try to react and plan our actions as well as possible. I have to admit that planning for the future is really hard at the moment. Few years back we were able to predict our future in business quite well for the coming 12 months. Now we are struggling to predict for the next 12 days.

Life in quarantine has had certain routines:

  • Wake up 7.30. Way too long in bed going through the news and social media. Breakfast.
  • Work starts 8.30. I’m sitting alone in my daughters room (I don’t have a desk at home nor at the office) and having online meetings back to back all day.
  • Lunch around 12.00 with my family
  • Work continues until 17.30 – 18.30
  • Sauna (every night!)
  • Dinner
  • Some work, blog, emails etc.
  • Off to bed around 22-23. Sleep around 23.30-24.00 (too late, I know!)


I haven’t been doing any sports during the last two weeks. Feels strange, but I didn’t want to tease the virus.

Yesterday we had something special: we were tested again in drive in test station. They are developing a 15-minute quick test and needed corona positive patients. Luckily all the family got tested and now we are waiting for the results. Hopefully all the family would have the antibodies and we could live pretty normally from this day on.

Drive in test station.

15 minute test is taken from your finger

Quarantine proof photo shoot for Yrittäjälehti on Tuesday. 

I spent yesterday evening on a project that hopefully helps one local company to do some business during the epidemic. I built an order form on our platform Lyyti for home delivery for the local fish store, Herkkunuotta. So, if you live in Turku (or within 20 km range from the market hall), go and buy some fresh fish already today! Best in this delivery is that you can also order from one to three bad jokes with the delivery. For free! Go and check:

Näyttökuva 2020-3-24 kello 20.51.35

Last day and not sad

Today is the last day of my 14-day isolation (one day I was self-quarantined). Time has passed actually pretty quickly. But we are still happy that tomorrow we are able to do our groceries by ourselves. Thanks for everybody who helped us during these two weeks!

Tomorrow we thought to evacuate ourselves to the summer house. All of you judging this decision without knowing better, let me explain:

  • We are healthy and not spreading the virus anywhere.
  • On the way there, we do the shopping at the same store where we would do if staying at home.
  • Our summer house is in the next town – not 1000 km from home. It’s only 55 km from our home, actually. An hour with a car.
  • In case we would for some random reason get COVID-19 symptoms, we would go to the exactly same hospital than if we would be staying at home. So we would not bring any extra pressure to any small town hospital.

I know many small cities are afraid of bunch of remote workers invading the area and possible bringing the virus and flooding the small hospitals. This is not the case with us and I wanted to clarify this.

Before taking off to the summer house, I should have a video interview to the States. Local news site, CNET, is making a story about the Oura study. I’m happy if I can help! I wan’t to emphasize that I do not have any hidden agenda with Oura. I’m just a happy customer and volunteer to help if they are able to create an algorithm to spot the COVID-19 before actual symptoms. Every single day with less social contacts matters.

Quarantine blog is over and out. Take care and stay safe!